Chromoscope Pictures is an Upstate NY production company providing the region with a cinematic vision for video production. With experience in film, television, music video, and branded content, Chromoscope can show you how images shape our world - and yours.


Nick Spadaro


Nick has loved telling stories for as long as he can remember. With a distinct passion for cinematography, editing, and photography, he continually finds new ways to express himself. He continues to move forward and create with the help of lifelong friends he's been blessed to have made over the years. He is a graduate of SUNY Oneonta.

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Zach Durocher

Director of Photography

Zach is a filmmaker, photographer, and producer. Walking around with either a camera or a shot list in his hands, he has DP'd short films, feature length films, music videos, and branding projects. With the help of talented friends and a strong creative community, he vows to keep creating. He is a graduate of Clarkson University.

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Jamie Spaulding


Jamie considers storytelling to be the pursuit of his life. Whether it be in his capacity as a filmmaker and a writer with Chromoscope Pictures, or through his military service as a broadcast journalist with the United States Air Force; he is always searching for the next story and striving to share it with integrity.